We are changing the way “Team Snacks” are paid for and given to each player this season.  We decided this was the best way to sell and give out team snacks was by using a physical token. We want to make this process as easy as possible for the parents and the concession stand workers.

At any time, the parent can purchase “Team Snack” tokens at the concession stand.  You can get them during the week during practice, before the game or buy them with the team in line.  These tokens are to be given out to your team players. The player will than give that token to the concession stand and turn it in for their items.

You can buy the number of tokens you need for your team for $2.00 each.  So, if you have 7 players on a team you get 7 tokens for $14.00. Once these tokens are purchased, they have no cash value and cannot be refunded.

Players can get 2 of any of the items listed below. They can get 2 of the same item or a combination of any 2 items.  They cannot use the token for anything else in the snack bar.

12oz Powerade (Red or Blue)
Capri Sun/Kool Aid Jammers
Bottled Water
Otter Pop – Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Pineapple
Ring Pop
Air Heads
Granola Bar