Registration is open for Spring 2018 season.

We are only accepting online registrations

Key Dates :

(These dates are subject to change)

March 13th Registration Closes (No additional registrations will be allowed after this date)
March 17th Player Assessments (7/8 Age group and up, 3/4 and 5/6 divisions don’t have assessments)
March 17th Coaches Draft
Week of March 19th Practices Begin
April 7th Games Begin (*Please note these dates are subject to change per the County)
June 2nd Season Ends
Tournaments will be played last week/s of regular season
 (*Please note these dates are subject to change per the County)

General Format

Age Groups # of Players Field Size

(Subject to Change)

Ball Size Roster Size

(Subject to Change

In-House or


3/4 5 v 5 30yd x 20yd 3 7-9 TBD
5/6 6 v 6 60yd x 40yd 3 8-9 TBD
7/8 7 v 7 60yd x 40yd 4 8-9 TBD
9/10 7 v 7 or 8 v 8 60yd x 40yd 4 8-9 TBD
11/12 11 v 11 120yd x 60yd 5 14-15 TBD
13/15 11 v 11 120yd x 60yd 5 14-15 TBD


Note 1: For Spring 2018 season, age is based on the child’s age on April 7th, 2018.
Note 2: This Spring we will have assessments for age groups 7/8 and above. Assessments will be held on March 17th.  A season ending tournament will conclude the season for these age groups with trophies awarded to the top two finishers in the tournament for each age group.
Note 3: 3/4 and 5/6 Age groups will focus on teaching the game of soccer, fundamentals and emphasizing FUN! Participation awards will be provided to each player at the conclusion of the season.
Note 4: The County reserves the right to require any of the age groups to play a Countywide schedule. There are very limited opportunities in the Spring to play Countywide and thus we’re striving to field enough teams in each age group for an in-house league. That will be determine by registration numbers and decisions by the County which we are unable to control.


Base Registration Cost:
3/4 age group:  $70
All other age groups: $100

$5 discount for each additional registration per family

Mandatory Additional Fees:

$18 Field Usage Fee – A field usage fee is assessed by and paid to Cabarrus County for the use of soccer fields in the Spring. While this fee as been requested to be waived that request has been denied by the County.

$10 Concession Stand Maintenance Fee – This fee is designed to cover concession stand maintenance and the cost to cover concession stand workers throughout the season.

$7 Administrative and Processing Fee – This fee covers the processing fee charged by the registration site as well as help to defray additional costs with offering a Spring soccer season.

Included in the Cost:
– Jersey, shorts (11/12, 13/15, and 16/17 will not be provided shorts) and socks (players need to provide shin guards, ball and cleats)
– Referees (not 3/4, coaches will ref)
– Field/equipment maintenance (line paint, goals, nets, balls, corner flags)
– Use of field lights
– Turf maintenance
– Use of Fields
– End of the year participation medals (3/4 and 5/6 age groups only)
– Trophies for 1st and 2nd place tournament finishers (7/8 age group and up)
– Teams are responsible for providing snacks, if desired. A team snack may be purchased from the concession stand for $15 per team, per game, which includes a drink and chips/candy per player and drinks and snacks for two coaches.

Putting Teams Together:
This season we will be doing a draft (tentatively scheduled for March 18th) based on assessments that are scheduled for March 17th (schedule to be sent out as soon as registration closes) to establish teams (with the exception of the 3/4 and 5/6 age groups).  This in person assessment will consist of the following: Passing, shooting, kick for distance, speed, and agility.  All Players will be drafted based on the assessments. If a player doesn’t show for assessments they will be placed in a hat and selected. Coaches will be allowed to select a predetermined number of players in advance of the draft for players that have requested that coach.  We will strive to honor practice night restrictions but no other special requests will be accommodated due to the draft format with the exception of the 3/4 and 5/6 age groups. In the 3/4 and 5/6 age group will be try to accommodate coaching requests. Please understand with the number of special requests it has become extremely difficult to accommodate and as such requests are not guaranteed to be honored.

– Before games begin:  1 hour during week and 1 hour on Saturday
– After games begin:  1 hour during week

If you intend to coach or assist, please email with “Odell Spring Soccer 2018” in the subject line. Please provide your name, phone number, email address, age group(s), whether you want to be a head coach or assist, and who you are coaching with. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to coach a team however history has told us that every year we don’t have enough coaches, so please volunteer to help coach. After registration is complete, the Soccer Coordinators will determine how many teams are needed at each age group. Coaches will be required to submit a background check to the County to be allowed to coach.  For those returning coaches, a coaching retention fee will not be paid during the Spring season. Instead, those funds will be reinvested into Odell Rec and the soccer program.

Odell Rec will hold several fundraisers though out the season.  Please try to participate in these, as these are ways for us to continue to offer lower registration fees.

Contact Us

Coordinator: Kevin Franklin