2019 Odell Rec Spring Baseball

General Format

For the Spring 2019 season, age group is based on the player’s age on May 1, 2019. The plan is to host as many games at Cox Mill Elementary Fields as possible. This depends on the number of players registered for each age group.

Team Snacks

Teams are responsible for their own snacks on game days. If desired team snacks may be purchased at the concession stand. For $15 per team, per game the team will receive a drink/slushie and chips for each player.  2 coaches per team will receive a drink.


Before games begin:
1 hour during week and
1 hour on Saturday
After games begin:
1 hour during week


Odell relies on funds that the concession stand bring in. All proceeds from the concession stand go back into our rec program.

Key Dates: 


August 7th – Registration Closes (No additional registrations will be allowed after this date)

August 11th – Assessment and Draft (There are no assessments for tee ball (ages 5/6)

Week of August 13th – Practices Begin

November 10th – Season ends

Contact Us

Coordinator: Chris Grouse